Why You Should Shut the Water Off While on Vacation

shut water off

Leaving for vacation is a great feeling for most people. However, returning home can sometimes mean post-vacation blues. Don’t start off your return home with finding a disaster. If you shut off your water while on vacation, you’ll save yourself from potential water damage and the required clean-up process when you get home.

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Where to Shut Off Your Water

Shut your water off at the main. You’ll want to take a few tools with you like pliers and a bucket to help turn off the valve and catch any water that may leak due to the relief in pressure. This process is quick and easy.

Shutting off your water main could save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in potential water damage clean-up. Be smart about your home’s safety and make sure to cut off the water before leaving for extended periods of time.

Pipes Could Freeze

One reason you’d want to turn off your water while you’re on vacation during the cold months is to alleviate frozen pipes. If you’re not home for an extended period, even a long weekend, your pipes don’t get the chance to heat up for showers, dishes, and other daily usages. This could lead to pipes freezing over, especially in areas where the nights are significantly colder than the already cold winter days.

Flooding While No One Is Home

If there’s no one at your home and a pipe bursts resulting in a flood, your water damage could be exponential by the time you come home. Flooding for a few minutes versus flooding for several days could mean the difference between water damage and a total loss of property.

Protect your family’s home and your cherished belongings by turning off the water before you leave for vacation. This will ensure that your water won’t be the source of heartache on your return.

Drips Could Cost You Money

If you come home to extensive water damage, you’ll likely need your emergency fund. What most people don’t consider as well is that small leaks add up over time and can cost as much if not more than massive water damage disasters.

Turn off your water at the main to help stop any current leaks or drips while you’re gone. This will also keep new ones from forming while you’re not there to monitor your water pressure and water consumption.

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