Inspecting Your Pipes and Water Damage

water damage

The winter months can bring a lot of headaches. Indeed, in states like Maryland temps can drop well below freezing each day during the winter. There a lot of issues that occur when the temperature begins to fall. For example, the stagnant water in your property’s pipes can freeze and then burst the pipe. The burst pipe then gushes water all over your property. This water will cause an immense amount of water damage to your property. Also, you can run into other issues with your pipes no matter the season. Fortunately, there are measures you can take to ensure that your pipes remain safe. In this article, we will go over what you need to look for when inspecting your pipes.

Swollen Pipes Can Lead to Water Damage 

The first sign to look for when trying to find frozen pipes is a swollen pipe. Swollen pipes occur when water begins to freeze, causing a blockage that flowing water cannot get around. Next, when the obstruction becomes significant enough, the pipes start to swell due to the increasing pressure. The swelling will eventually cause the pipe to burst to cause water damage. However, there is something you can do to ensure your pipes will not burst. During the freezing weather, keep your faucets flowing on a low stream. The flowing water will ensure that no water stagnation occurs, which in turn will prevent frozen pipes.

Also, a swelling pipe can mean other things may be wrong. Indeed, obstructions in your pipes do not always have to involve freezing weather and ice. Human waste, tissues, hair, and other materials can get stuck in your pipes, causing an obstruction. Next, just like with frozen pipes, the blockage will cause your pipes to swell and, in some cases, burst. The best solution to this problem is to be cautious of what goes in and out of your pipes. Also, perform monthly physical inspections.

Cracked Pipes 

A telltale sign that your pipes need to serviced is cracked pipes. In fact, if cracked pipes are not addressed promptly, they can lead to severe water damage. The most significant cause of cracked pipes is age. However, there are a couple of things you can do to fix the problem of cracked pipes. First, depending on the severity of the crack, you may need to replace the pipe and maybe even the whole system. Next, if you are lucky enough, a salve can be purchased at any hardware store and used to seal the cracks.

Rusted Pipes 

Rusted pipes are one of the leading causes of pipe damage in the USA. Indeed, rust can cause your pipes to break apart, which then, in turn, causes water damage. There are a lot of factors that cause rust. First, rust can occur with older pipes or pipes that contain a significant amount of copper. Also, rust can be caused if your pipes are exposed to oxygen-based compounds. If your pipes are experiencing a high amount of rust, it may be time to upgrade your pipes.

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