What to Do If You Have Frozen Pipes

frozen pipes

Frozen pipes are a significant problem for people who live in Maryland or other cold environments. Not only do frozen pipes damage the pipes themselves, but they could also burst, causing severe property damage. One of the most significant expenses for home and business owners is the water damage from burst pipes. However, if you have frozen pipes, there are steps you can take to avoid burst pipes. In this article, we will discuss steps you can take to help alleviate your frozen pipes as well as what to do if your pipes have already burst.

Warm Up Your Frozen Pipes 

As the temperature drops and your pipes begin to freeze, heating your property is a great way to keep your pipes from freezing. You can heat your freezing pipes in a couple of different ways. First, you can use your property’s central heat. Keep your thermostat above sixty degrees. Second, use external heaters and/or humidifiers. Placing heaters or humidifiers close to your walls will help thaw your frozen pipes. Finally, keep all windows and doors shut. Open doors or windows will let in a lot of freezing air from outside and keep your property colder than it needs to be.

Keep the Water Running 

A significant issue that comes with frozen pipes is bursting pipes. Bursting pipes occur when the frozen water in your pipes causes them to expand, crack, and burst. When you have stagnant water in your pipes, you are at a higher risk of being a victim of burst pipes. However, there is a simple solution to fix this problem. You need to keep water running in all your faucets during a freezing event. These open faucets will prevent your water from becoming stagnant. Therefore, you will have less risk of having frozen pipes.

Be Prepared 

When your pipes freeze, they act as a good warning sign that your pipes are in danger of bursting. You should be prepared for the water damage that will occur from said bursting pipes. To begin, having a reserve of towels close by will be extremely helpful. Towels are a useful tool for absorbing water. Second, have humidifiers handy to help dry your carpets and rugs. Finally, know where your water shut off is so you can react quickly when your pipes burst.

What to Do If Your Frozen Pipes Burst  

No matter how much preparation or prevention you try, sometimes it’s not going to be enough. Frozen pipes cause extensive property damage to millions of Americans every year. If you experience water damage, the best thing you can do is act quickly to prevent the damage from spreading. Here at MD Water Restoration, we provide fast response times alongside industry-leading services. When you call us at MD Water Restoration, we will respond to your emergency in as little as sixty minutes. Next, we will provide you with a free estimate of any water damage that we come across. Come to our website today and learn how MD Water Restoration can save you time and money.

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