What to Do if You Have Drain Problems

By Iz & Phil on Unsplash

Issues with drains can happen to any home, anywhere. Drainage issues are a very common woe among homeowners and renters. If your drain is backing up, gurgling, or just not working, you could be in for trouble. So, here are a few things to do if you realize your home has a serious drain problem.

DIY Methods for Smaller Drain Problems

There are all measures of do-it-yourself fixes for drain issues. If your drain is just clogged, you can try running scalding hot water down the drain for a while. This might help loosen any clots or clogs in the pipes. There are also methods for vinegar and baking soda to help clean and deodorize drains.

Clear Out Personal Belongings

If you suspect a serious drain problem and are faced with standing water, clear out as many of your personal belongings from the affected space as possible. This is a measure against extreme issues, obviously. But don’t underestimate a backup. If there’s any sign of standing water, better to be safe than sorry. 

Try to Identify Where the Problem Starts

If you can find the source of the issues, you’re a step ahead of the game. You might know that one of the pipes is faulty in your guest bathroom, for instance. Make any notes you can about the drain issues you’re having to help a technician more quickly diagnose issues. If you can get them a list of possible issues they’ll have a place to start their investigation. Hopefully, with their skill and a bit of luck you’ll be on the way to resolution in hardly any time at all. 

Call a Water Restoration Company for Drain Problems

If you need an expert to help with water restoration, MD Water Restoration’s team would love to be of assistance. There are qualified professionals on the team who know exactly what to do. Don’t wait, call MD Water Restoration today. 

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