What to Do If You Find Mold in Your Basement

Mold thrives in damp, dark places. Your basement is the perfect breeding ground. In a humid climate, hurricane season, or even the winter months, you need to stay on top of your basement and continuously look for mold damage. Read on for what to do when you find some.

Inspect for Mold

Once you see mold in one place, it’s most likely spread elsewhere. To fully get rid of mold, you need to get rid of all of it at once. Any trace of mold left behind will spread even after most of the mold damage was repaired. You can look yourself by looking in dark corners, on the ceiling, under the floorboards, and anywhere else that can get damp or moist.

Document Damages for Insurance

Once you’ve spotted all the mold damage, you need to document it for insurance and to point out to a restoration company. You should take pictures of everything in case you need it later down the line. Documentation can prove the extent of damage and make it easier to file with your insurance.

Turn off the Utilities and Stop Rising Water

If the mold is a side effect of water damage, you need to stop the water flow immediately. First, turn off your utilities and your appliances. Then look for leaks from broken pipes, old appliances, or a crack in your roof or walls. Standing water is a mold damage playground if left alone for too long. You need to act immediately for any water or mold damage you find in your home.

Call a Restoration Company

Finally, call a restoration company to repair your mold damage. Trying to repair it yourself isn’t the safest option due to the toxicity of mold and the high chance of missing a section where mold could regrow. When you hire a restoration company, they will do their own damage assessment and make sure they find every place it has spread and then get to work cleaning it. Any part of the house structure that has damage will be replaced, appliances and household items will be cleaned or thrown away depending on the damage, and everything will be disinfected to prevent a future outbreak of mold.

If you see mold damage in your home, call MD Water Restoration, your one-stop restoration company serving Baltimore and the entire state of Maryland. When you call us for a repair job, we can be there as soon as 30 to 60 minutes for emergency services. Give us a call today at (240) 370-5582.

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