What You Need to Know About Water Damage from Air Conditioners

water damage

Water damage from a leaking air conditioner is a pain. Leaks often go undetected and end up becoming a much larger issue for people to deal with. You don’t want to spend a lot of time and money fixing a lot of water damage left by a leak. Restoration companies recommend the following tips for maintaining your unit and home.

Address Leaks Right Away

If leaks are not addressed when they are first spotted, they can become bigger and lead to more damage. Your leak could be caused by a blocked condensate line, a clogged air filter, or a crack in the overflow drain. The more water leaks from the unit, the weaker the unit becomes and more damage is done wherever the water is leaking. If you notice a leak, call a restoration company right away to get it fixed. The right restoration company can repair the unit and fix any water damage associated with the leak.

Inspect For Mold

Since water is leaking from the unit, you need to be aware of any mold that might grow because of it. Leaks left unattended or that have gone unnoticed can attract mold because of how damp the area will get. If you notice a leak, make sure to also look for mold. Mold damage should be repaired by a professional and it’s not recommended that you do it yourself. If any mold is left behind, it will continue to grow even after the leak is fixed. It’s critical to repair the damage all at once in order to keep damage from recurring.

Hire a Restoration Company for Regular Cleaning

Water damage from a leaking air conditioner can be prevented with regular cleaning schedules. By hiring a restoration company to clean your unit at least once a year, any possible damage will be assessed and taken care of before even bigger damage can happen. Don’t be reactionary with your air conditioning maintenance; be proactive and have the unit professionally cleaned like you would have your carpets or tile professionally cleaned. You will save yourself time and money in the long run.

For both prevention and repairs, call a restoration company to make sure your air conditioning unit is in top shape. MD Water Restoration will come to your house and give you a free estimate of our services. Call us today at (240) 370-5582 and we will come to you.

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