Top Five Warning Signs of Drain Issues

Drain issues cause large amounts of water damage and distress every year. Flooding, backup, and leaking can all stress your home and your mood. The good news is that drain issues rarely just crop up out of nothing. Check out these top five warning signs that drainage issues are on the horizon.

1. Sounds from the drains

Your drains shouldn’t gurgle, chug, clang, or suck. If you have a lot of sounds that accompany your drains’ progress, there’s something in your pipe. It could be that intrusive roots are letting air in and water out. You could have a loose clog that’s not breaking up and is banging around in your pipes. Whatever the reason, sounds from your drains are never what you want. Flush your drains, and contact a specialist if the sounds persist.

2. Slow draining

The most classic sign of drain issues is slow draining. There’s something clogged somewhere in your system. Address slow draining immediately. You never know when slow draining is going to transform into flooding or backup. Don’t trust that your drains will just stay working. If you notice a gradual reduction in draining (or a sudden drop-off), it’s a sign that something is only growing.

3. Multiple drains are clogged

One clogged drain is an irritation. A severe clog or flood is a bad sign. When you have multiple drains that are clogged, it’s much worse. It’s not just a matter of one pipe getting something stuck in it. Instead, you have a blockage of a main sewage line. Across the board, drains back up instead of draining. Drain issues that are contained to one pipe are much easier to fix. A problem with a main line is going to be more difficult to repair, and can do a lot more damage before it’s fixed.

4. Bubbles

If you have bubbles coming up your drain, you have a leak. Somewhere, water or sewage is getting out and air is getting in. The seriousness of the problem depends on your leak. It could be small and easy to fix. It could be an indication of drain issues that will force you to replace the whole pipe. It really depends on when you find the leak. The sooner you have a professional identify the problem, the less time your drain issues will have to spiral out of control.

5. Unpleasant odor

An unpleasant odor is a red flag. Some water naturally comes with a little more Sulphur than others. While not pleasant, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have a problem. If your water has always been fresh and drinkable and suddenly starts smelling foul (or your drains or sinks smell terrible) something is really wrong.
If any of these warning signs appear on your radar act quickly. A professional assessment can save your drains. The sooner you catch drain issues, the less time they have to get out of hand. Whether you have slow drains, bubbles, unpleasant odor, or just a clog that spans multiple drains, get professional help when you can.

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