Remove Lingering Smoke And Odor From Your Home And Breathe Easy

Far too often as a smoker, the horrendous odor created by lingering stale smoke goes unnoticed as damage to the nose and desensitization due to years of lighting up have all but rendered the odor invisible. But though it may difficult for a current smoker to notice the damage caused to a room, one whiff is all that is necessary for any non-smoker to start reaching for a ventilator.

The lasting odor caused by smoking indoors, beyond being quite pervasive, is notoriously difficult to remove from a room once it has been allowed to go untreated for long enough.

Why Smoke And Odors Linger

Cigarette smoke, and to some smaller extent other odors, has a tendency to penetrate deep into the surfaces of everything it touches, making it quite difficult to remove completely. Even once the air has been cleared, the offending odor can still leech from walls, carpets, and furniture causing the stench to persist despite using air fresheners or other common odor removers.

And as smoke pervasively fills a room, this means no surface is safe from the odor.

Once the smoke odor has been allowed to penetrate deep within the surfaces of a room, a homeowner unfortunately has very little options other than a professional cleaning to completely remove the smell.

More Than An Offending Odor, A Potential Health Hazard

While the obvious smells caused by nasty odors and cigarette smoke certainly are unappealing, they can sometimes pose a much greater risk than simply upturned noses. Smoke that has deeply set into a room can cause a slew of health related complications depending on the person being subjected to exposure. This can lead to constantly agitated allergies or even more serious bouts of asthma for those that may be a little more sensitive to the pervasive odors.

Beyond the respiratory complications that can arise from a room ruined by offensive odors and cigarette smoke, cigarettes are known carcinogens and as those carcinogens have permeated the room as much as the odor has, you run the risk of potentially exposing yourself to those same cancer causing chemicals without knowing it.

Taking Steps To Remove Smoke Odors From Your Home

If you are currently trying to fight a pervasive odor caused by cigarettes, fire, or other offending odors, it may seem like you are fighting a losing battle as each bottle of air fresheners only delays the inevitable return. Though what can be done to completely remove the offensive odor short of moving to a new home?

A professional smoke remediation expert can help you not only remove the odors from the air but completely eliminate them from every surface of your home quickly and quite easily. Using only industry standard cleaners and tools, a professional can ensure odors are not only eliminated but will also never return,  making it easier than ever to breathe a sigh of relief without having to cover your nose or spray air freshener first.