4 Flood Tips That Might Save Your Life

Flooding can be deadly if you aren’t prepared for it in advance. Even flash floods that occur at a moment’s notice can be weathered if you know how to prepare. Here are four tips to help you and your loved ones stay safe in the event of a flood. These can all be thought out before a flood occurs. This means if you’re faced with a wall of water one day, you’ll be ready to get to safety.

Don’t Wait to Evacuate

If your area is prone to flooding and flash flooding at all, don’t wait to move to a safe place or to evacuate. Sometimes water moves so fast it’s hard to communicate the danger to the masses in time. If you think you or your family are in danger of being caught in a flood, don’t hesitate. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to floodwaters.

Have Go Bags

Save precious moments by having a disaster bag ready for each member of your family. This might include a few changes of clothes, batteries, flashlights, a sleeping bag, several gallons of clean water, and food rations to last a few days. Having these items prepared could save your life. 

If you’re not scrambling to get important items together, you have more time to evacuate and get your family out of harm’s way. Make sure you can always quickly put your hands on ID documents and prescriptions for your family. Better yet, have a copy of all important documents and extra doses of any necessary medications in your go bags.

Don’t Drive Over Water

Whatever you do, in the instance of a flood, don’t drive over standing water. A very small amount of water can rise up to the bottom of your car and make it stall. Less than two feet of water can carry your car down the road. Make sure to always avoid standing water. You’ll potentially get further if you do so.

Craft a Communication Plan Before a Flood Strikes

Make sure each member of your family knows what to do if a flood strikes. Go over the plans together as a family. Concretely communicate these plans. Don’t leave anything up to guessing. That way, if you’re in a real emergency, your kids know exactly what to do. Give them jobs to do and it might also help lessen any fear or anxiety. If they know where their go bags are they can grab them. Only children who are old enough to understand the urgency of the situation should have these tasks.

MD Water Restoration Wants to Help After a Flood

If you and your family or your business have suffered a catastrophic flood, MD Water Restoration would like to help you get back on your feet. Give our dedicated team a call today to get the assistance you deserve. We have an on-call team that will help you sort out your restoration project today.