Storm Insurance in Baltimore

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Mother Nature is unpredictable and living in Baltimore means you never really get a break from storms. During the spring and summer, you worry about thunderstorms and tornadoes, while during the winter, you worry about snow storms. No matter what type of storm Mother Nature brings, the damage can be devastating. To help reduce the stress of storm damage, you want to make sure you have the right storm insurance. So, what storm insurance in Baltimore do you need? Here is what you need to know about storm damage insurance in Baltimore.

Homeowners’ Insurance

The good news is homeowners’ insurance will cover most of your basic storm damage. However, you will want to double check to make sure these types of storms are covered.

Lightning Strikes and Power Surges

During the spring and summer thunderstorm are common in the Baltimore area. Thunderstorms bring with them high winds, thunder, rain, and lightning. In some cases, lightning will hit your home or a structure on your property. If this happens to you, then your homeowners’ insurance will cover any resulting damage for the lightning strike. Some insurance will cover power surges. Power surges insurance means your insurance will cover any damaged appliances or electronics from a lightning strike. Always check with your insurance agent to know how much damage is covered in your policy.

Water and Ice Damage

Whether it is heavy rain in the spring or ice on your roof in the winter, water can do damage to your home. When it comes to ice and hail damages are covered by your homeowners’ insurance up to the limit stated in your policy, though water damage varies depending on the cause. For example, you may find out that water damage due to a frozen pipe bursting is covered. Reviewing your policy will help you understand what type of water damage is covered.

Wind, Hail, and Damaged Trees

You may find shingles missing after a strong wind storm. Homeowners’ insurance usually covers most wind damage. Your homeowners’ policy should also cover any hail or snow damage that is caused by strong winds. When it comes to tree damage, you must be able to show the tree damage is due to the strong wind. Checking your policy will let you know what type of wind, hail, and tree damage is on your policy.

Type of Storm Damage that Needs To Be On Your Policy

Not all types of storm damage are on your homeowners’ insurance. Living in Baltimore there is one you need to make sure is on your policy: flood insurance. Talk with your agent about what type of flood insurance you need.

Storm Damage Restoration

Knowing what your homeowners’ policy covers will help you after a storm. Another thing that will help is hiring a storm damage restoration company. If you are looking for a great storm damage restoration company that will work with your insurance policy, then contact MD Water Restoration. We make any restoration service easy.

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