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Water Damage Restoration

MD Water Damage Restoration has been serving residential and commercial customer in Maryland since 2001. Our team members bring many combined years of experience to each water-damage project and conduct emergency water extraction and damage restoration. If your home or business is in Salisbury or its surrounding areas, call us at (757) 434-6263. Our phones are open 24/7, and we guarantee a response within 30-60 minutes. Your property will be restored to its pre-damage condition in a timely manner.

City of Salisbury is an outstanding place to live and do business. However, living next to an ocean we get the occasional violent storm that drops a flood of water onto our region. Some of that water can end up in someone’s basement or the front lobby of a business. Our licensed, bonded, and insured restoration professionals at MD Water Damage Restoration are ready to go to work. We are equipped to handle severe water-damages Mother Nature leaves behind.

Basement Flood Restoration

Weather-related causes aside, a flooded basement can have a number of sources. Water pipes running through your basement can break and spew several inches onto the floor. First thing you should do is turn off the water. Then, it’s time to call in a professional restoration service. You can’t afford to delay when there’s a standing pool of water in your basement. In fact, the longer you wait the worse the water damage becomes, increasing your threat of secondary hazards.

Whenever you call MD Water Damage Restoration, we will send a professional team to your home or business, who are ready to inspect your property and start the restoration process. You can feel confident that your property will be restored. We have been extracting water from flooded basements and giving our residential and commercial customers top-quality damage restoration for more than 15 years.

A flooded basement can ruin structural materials like drywall and wood and ruin any content in the flooded area. When appliances, furnishings and other items contact water for, it can lead to an expensive restoration. If the contact continues for an extended period, some items can fail irreparably.

Reasons to Call Us After Being Flooded

A flooding event can cause the worst kind of water damage to your home or business and should not be handled as a typical DIY project. Water must be removed as soon as possible then completely dried and properly treated with professional grade sanitizers to reduce the risk of infestations or other secondary results that could put your family or employees at risk.

Mold – Molds infestations can stem from water damage that was left unrestored for an extended period, or a restoration project that was mishandled. The damaged areas must be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized against the onset of infestations. When moisture is not completely dried from a place with oxygen and an organic surface, such as wood or fabric, this creates the perfect environment for mold to flourish, which can cause health issues with the occupants of your property.  Black mold, a common infestation, produces airborne toxins that lead to respiratory problems, inflammation of the skin, nausea, and other serious symptoms.

Bacteria – After standing for a long time, even “clean” water becomes infested with millions of micro-organisms, then it’s a health hazard. On the other hand, if a sewage line breaks and floods your basement or other parts of your property, this kind of emergency begins with critical health issues. In both scenarios, you need the careful handling of a licensed extraction service like MD Water Damage Restoration.

Carpets and carpet padding – Rugs, carpet, and carpet padding deteriorates fast when it contacts moisture, but it can be restored to use if one of our professional restoration technicians can get to it quickly, and if the water is not already contaminated.

Loss of personal property – The need for promptness in a water-related crisis like this cannot be overemphasized. The key to reducing your losses and restoration expense when a flooding event begins is calling a professional extraction service like MD Water Damage Restoration right away.

Biohazards and contaminants – It’s a common misconception that water coming in from outside is “clean enough.” When water flows through someone’s yard, over streets and parking lots, it picks up any variety of contaminants: such as oil from cars and trucks, lawn fertilizers, and animal waste. This also requires the careful extraction and cleaning procedures of a professional team with the right training. MD Water Damage Restoration teams in Salisbury are IICRC-licensed to deal safely with such contaminants.

Damage to your building’s structural material – The longer water stands, the deeper it sinks into structural materials and the surrounding content of a flooded area. Moisture will creep under any floor covering like tile or carpet and into the main floor material underneath. To ensure that standing water will be removed properly, and the affected area cleaned, call for the help of our team. We will help preserve the integrity of the structural components of your property and its contents.

Other building materials – A restoration professional must use special drying techniques to protect certain types of materials. Even concrete, brick, or hardwood will be slowly weakened if it remains in contact with water for a long time. Moisture works its way into miniscule cracks and holes making it prone to further damage.

Water damage restoration services provided by MD Water Damage Restoration:

We are available 24/7, so call (757) 434-6263 with any water damage issues. Our teams will start with a general set of procedures for each water damage project although every job requires an individualized restoration plan.

  • Full damage assessment – If water is still seeping into your home or business, our team will find where it’s coming from and stop it. Next, we will assess the water and all affected areas.
  • Identification of flood water type – We categorize water by its source and the contaminants it contains. Our people are trained to know how to identify any water type and safely extract it.
  • Water removal –  To minimize damage to structure and contents, we will use heavy pumps to remove pools of water from your premises early in the process. Then, using specialized equipment, we will find hidden areas of moisture and dry them out.
  • Classify the water damage – Water damage inside your home or business will be inspected after contents are removed and salvageable items set aside for cleaning.
  • Dry property and structure – Large fans, electric panels, and dehumidifier will be used to eliminate all excess moisture to help prevent the onset of infestations.
  • Restoration of affected areas– Items that can’t be restored will be transported with damaged structural debris for proper disposal. Then affected areas will be cleaned and sanitized with professional-grade detergents and antimicrobials to prevent the onset of infestations.
  • Restoration of contents –Our team will restore structural material of water-damaged areas with fresh materials; then, salvageable furnishings and other content will be cleaned and restored to their original use
  • Insurance claims support – We will provide your insurance provider with all documentation and photos detailing our restoration process from the beginning. Our people will work through the claims process to help you get the best possible pay-out.

Sources of flooding damage

One of our goals is to restore your property to its pre-flood quality. Our restoration experts at MD Water Damage Restoration have worked water-damage projects that originated from a variety of sources.

  • Burst or frozen pipes – Harsh winter temperatures can damage an uninsulated pipe, creating a water spill in your home or business. Call us and one of our teams will take care of the problem.
  • Leaking pipes – When old pipes wear out and break, they leave water in your home or business. The flooded areas must be cleaned and dried thoroughly. Then, walls, floors, and other areas are checked for possible biohazards.
  • Sewer line backup – Because of the contaminated water, handling a broken sewage line is tricky and requires specialized safety equipment and the techniques of a trained professional. Don’t try to clean this up yourself. We will be clean and sanitize your property with no lingering odor.
  • Faulty appliances – Eventually, appliances like dishwashers malfunction and lose water. When this creates a problem in your home, call MD Water Damage Restoration, and we will come clean up the mess, completely dry the affected area, and restore any damage.
  • Hurricane and storm damage – When violent storms rain a flood of water down on us, the water will find any door or window on your property that is not properly sealed and seep into your basement. It’s messy, but we can help.  Our professional-grade equipment can remove that water, then professional teams will restore the damages.
  • Water leftover from putting out a fire – When fighting a fire, water is usually the best weapon.  Afterwards, however, any part of your house or business that survives the blaze will have a lot of water damage. Our people will use heavy pumps to clear out any standing water. Then the water-damaged areas will be cleaned, and restored.

Our teams have served Maryland customers since 2001, working with all types of water damage in the various service areas we cover. Flood damage, flooded basements, and other water-related disasters, they’ve worked all conditions. If you live in the Salisbury area, call MD Water Damage Restoration anytime; we are available 24/7. A licensed and trained restoration team will arrive at your property within 30-60 minutes.

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