Why You Need to Contact Restoration Companies before Insurance Companies


In the case of any disaster, it is possible that you would want to first contact the insurance company. Although this may seem like a small action, it has big implications, as it changes the type of service that you receive and as a whole, effects your total cost. Before you contact an insurance company, you need to do two very important things; make a list of all damages to the home or property, and contact a suitable restoration company.

Save time:

With most damages that occur as a result of a disaster, the chances of the problem growing if left unattended are very high. This is why you should immediately contact your restoration company. This small action can save you from a lot of potential damage to your home in the future.

The problem with insurance companies:

Not only can insurance companies take a long time to evaluate your claims, they also don’t work in particular to save you time. By calling a restoration services company first, you can have them already make a proper inventory of the damages that you can then show to your insurance company. However, they may even make secondary estimates that might not be suitable for you.

A restoration company can also help you understand exactly what restoration services you require, before the insurance company gets involved. This way, there are less chances that you will be authorized to do only some of the restoration work, and you will be saved from the long and tiring procedure of getting this insurance decision changed later.

The estimate process:

One way to get the right restoration company is to split up the process into two steps, one containing a general estimate of your costs, and one with a second estimate of costs. You can then look to several companies and compare their general ad second estimates, and based on their quotes, decide which company suits you best.

Consult professionals for more choices:

Based on how much restoration work costs, it is a good idea to get an insurance company involved. However, sometimes things may cost a lot more than usual, and in such a case, it would be a very good idea to consult professionals before you get in touch with the insurance company. This way, it may be a little more expensive for you but it would save your from raising your premiums instead.

Look for restoration companies that work with insurance companies:

The way that most insurance companies work is by working to deny claims instead of accepting them, as it gives them the chance to avoid paying you. One way to not face any issues is by ensuring you work with a restoration company that doesn’t take things lightly and actually does the work properly. This way, if they do the right paperwork, they can save you a lot of trouble when you do call your insurance company later.

Remember that while insurance companies are necessary, calling them first will only cause you more problems, whereas having an experienced restoration company on your side can help you reduce issues, costs, and get your home restored as easily as possible.

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