Maryland Storm Restoration Do’s and Dont’s


The do’s and don’ts of Maryland storm restoration focus on preparedness. The more you do in advance, the better off your home or business will be when disaster strikes. The first time you think about restoration shouldn’t be after the storm. Do your research and come up with a plan today.

Do: act fast

Maryland storm restoration needs to begin as soon as possible after the storm. The longer you delay, the worse the damage will get. Water damage doesn’t stop when the rain does, but when the moisture is extracted from fabrics, woods, and foundations. Secondary damage, such as mold and rot, can last even longer. Quick action can save property.

Don’t: skimp on documentation

You need to move fast, but not faster than you can document the damage. Pictures are your best friend in an insurance claim. Take copious quantities of pictures and videos of the damage before you do anything. As more damage is uncovered, document that as well.

Do: research restoration companies

Not all restoration companies are created equal. Look for a Maryland storm restoration company with great reviews and a proven track record. An established business should be able to give you an estimate and answer your basic questions before starting a job. You don’t want to go for someone inexperienced when it’s your building on the line.

Don’t: attempt difficult work yourself

Some projects make a great DIY. Storm restoration isn’t one of them. There are too many factors to risk doing it yourself. First, it may not be safe. Storms can create hazardous conditions that you need professional equipment to handle. Problems that aren’t fully handled can continue to worsen, creating bigger issues down the line. Let a professional handle that.

Do: open your insurance claim ASAP

Inform your insurance company of your coming claim as soon as possible. Opening your claim will give you time to find out exactly what they’re looking for in terms of documentation, paperwork, and so forth. Some insurance companies have very specific steps you have to follow. Getting started will make the whole process easier.

Don’t wait until disaster strikes to think about Maryland storm restoration. With your business on the line, will you know what to do? Remember to document everything before anyone touches the building. Open your insurance claim quickly, and follow their instructions to make your restoration experience as painless as possible.

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