Leaky Faucet Damage

leaky faucet

When you realize you have a leak, you’ll typically be irritated by it. Dealing with leaky pipes is tedious and time-consuming. However, leaky faucet damage results in potentially serious trouble for homeowners.

Leaking pipes and faucets should be tended to right away for many reasons. If your leaking faucet gets out of hand and you need a water damage restoration specialist, reach out to MD Water Restoration today.

Countertop, Sheetrock, and Caulk Rot

A dripping faucet could damage your countertops and counters if the leak is in your kitchen. This is also true in parts of the house with cabinets, like a bathroom. A leaky tub faucet could splash and cause sheetrock damage and mold on your caulk, leading to caulk rot. While these consequences aren’t visually appealing, they’re also unhealthy and dangerous.

Many popular forms of countertops are currently made of granite or another porous type of rock. Protect the countertop investments you made by making sure that your leaky faucet is fixed.


Leaky faucet damage can cause mold. Mold in your home or business could lead to respiratory issues for your family or employees. In addition, there are other health concerns like allergy-related breakouts and more.

Certain types of mold that grow in your home, including black mold and other varieties, can damage your property value and your family’s health. Don’t try to remove this mold yourself. Having a qualified professional like those at MD Water Restoration to help can make the difference between a job done once and a job done right.

Foundation Issues

If your leaky faucet is anywhere near your foundation (think garden hose pipe), you could be looking at foundation issues the longer the leak is left untreated. Water seeping into rock over several years can cause the concrete (and other porous rocks) to crack and break. Keep your foundation intact by dealing with water leaks before they turn into water damage.

Replacing Your Sink or Tub

Having to replace your tub or sink due to water damage is on the bottom of most homeowner’s list of things they’d get excited about.

A drip over time can stain your sink or tub if your water is mineral-rich; getting that stain out usually is either very difficult or impossible. In many cases, replacing the tub or sink is the most cost-effective and easiest way to repair this issue.

If you do find yourself in a situation with water damage, MD Water Restoration is here to help. We have a team of trained professionals who can be there quickly to assess the damage and help you get on with your life. Our goal is quick, effective repairs that will get you and your family feeling back to normal in no time.



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