Water Damage Prevention and Saving Money through Updating Your Insulation

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In the eastern states, especially Maryland, the winter months can bring harsh weather. This severe weather brings with it a whole list of problems. For example, the cold weather can freeze your pipes, causing them to burst. When your pipes burst, you are at a high chance of experiencing water damage from flooding water. Also, the cold weather causes you to spend hundreds and even thousands of extra dollars on heating costs. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to help save you money this winter season. Updating your property’s insulation is a great way to both keep your pipes and your property warm. In this article, we will go over the benefits of updating your insulation.

What Is Insulation? 

You would be surprised by how many people don’t know how insulation works or when it’s the right time to upgrade. Simply put, insulation is a material that acts as a barrier between your property and the outside world. This barrier helps prevent heat loss as well as heat gain. Common materials used for insulation are cellulose, foam, and fiberglass. Foam is often considered the most convenient and safest option when it comes to insulation. Most experts agree that you should get your insulation inspected once a year and replace it when it is deemed insufficient.

How Insulation Can Save You Money by Preventing Water Damage 

If you ask any homeowner on the east coast or wherever it freezes often, frozen pipes are often their worst fear. Frozen pipes cause a multitude of problems. One of the most significant difficulties frozen pipes cause is burst pipes. Burst pipes occur when stagnant water freezes in your pipes and then expands and bursts the pipe. When your pipes burst, flooding water gushes out all over your property. Next, this water can wreak havoc on your property, causing immense water damage.

A simple way to prevent your pipes from freezing and then bursting is updating insulation. Indeed, when your insulation is working properly, it will keep your pipes warm and prevent them from freezing. Also, because you won’t experience any water damage, you will save hundreds or even thousands in restoration costs to your property.

Saving Hundreds of Dollars in Heating Costs Thanks to Insulation 

A great benefit from updating your insulation is the money you will save in heating your property. You can always tell how inadequate your insulation is by how much your heating bill is. Insulation works at its best when it blocks a majority of the outside cold from entering your property.

What to Do If You Experience Water Damage  

As we have stated, time and time again, water damage can cause massive financial and restoration headaches. If your property has inadequate insulation, you are at a high risk of experiencing water damage. If you are unfortunate enough to go through water damage, you need a restoration company that is up to the job. Here at MD Water Restoration, we offer industry-leading restoration services to Maryland and the surrounding area. Go to our website today to read up on more helpful tips and how you can save money this winter season.

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