How to Avoid Frozen Pipes

frozen pipes

Winter in Maryland and other east coast states is a beautiful season. However, winter is not always a magical time of year. When the weather gets colder, you run more risk of having frozen pipes. Frozen pipes are a nightmare that affect millions of people a year. The water damage caused by frozen pipes can cost you extensive amounts of money. There are ways that you can avoid frozen pipes during the winter season. In this article, we will cover a few things that you can do to prevent frozen pipes, as well as what to do in the event of a burst pipe.

Keep Your Pipes Warm to Avoid Frozen Pipes 

Frozen pipes and burst pipes occur when stagnant water freezes in pipes and then expands until the pipe bursts. The simplest way that you can avoid this is by keeping the pipes warm. You can achieve this by doing a couple of things. One, keep your home’s thermostat above sixty degrees. Second, purchase portable heaters and/or humidifiers to keep close to your walls. Lastly, insulate your walls to protect your pipes from the elements. The extra money that you spend on these ideas will lead you to save a lot more than what it would cost in potential property damage.

Keep the Water Flowing 

Stagnant water is the absolute worst when it comes to frozen pipes. During deep freezes, the stagnant water left over in your pipes will expand, causing cracks in your pipes that may lead to bursting and eventual water damage. Keeping your water taps open on your sinks will keep water moving, which in turn will reduce the risk of the water freezing.

Inspect and Repair or Replace Your Pipes 

A great way to avoid frozen pipes is to inspect and repair or replace your pipes. Before every winter season, either hire a company to inspect your pipes or inspect them yourself. If you notice any cracking, swelling, or other damage, you need to take immediate action. Once again, you can either hire a company to conduct any repairs or replacements on your pipes or do it yourself. A lot of issues, like cracks, can be fixed with a sealant that is available at most home repair stores. Also, having newer pipes and faucets on your property could reduce your insurance costs.

Frozen Pipes May Be Unavoidable 

Unfortunately, all the preparation in the world may not prevent frozen pipes. When your pipes freeze and burst, you must act quickly to avoid an extensive amount of water damage. If you live in Maryland or a surrounding area, the first call you should make after a burst pipe is to MD Water Restoration. Here at MD Water Restoration, we provide industry-leading services at competitive prices. We will come to your property in as little as sixty minutes to do a free appraisal of the water damage. Next, if you choose to hire us, we will then use state of the art technology to restore your property to working order. Go to the MD Water Restoration website today and see how we can save you time and money.

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