Fire Damage: How Technology Can Save You Money

fire damage

With all the recent tragedies surrounding fires, more and more people are growing concerned about the risks. Indeed, fire damage can cause substantial damage to your home or property. Also, fire can cost you hundreds if not thousands in repair and restoration costs. With all this in mind, you must have warning systems and other aids in place. Fortunately, technology companies are leading the charge in helping property owners better handle the threat of fire. In this article, we will discuss a few ways that technology will save you money from fire damage. 

The New Wave of Smoke Alarms  

It is safe to say that every home has some sort of smoke detector. In most cases, these smoke detectors are only beneficial if someone is in your home or property. However, with the rise of the “smart home,” smoke detectors are more powerful than ever. Indeed, now you don’t have to be at or near your property to hear your smoke detector. Modern smoke detectors can now use the wifi at your property to send a notification to your phone when it senses smoke. Also, in some cases, you can even sign up for a monthly plan where your smoke detector will contact the authorities on your behalf. We highly recommend you upgrade the smoke detectors in your home to a more modern version. 

How Security Cameras Can Detect Fire and Prevent Fire Damage 

While we are on the topic of “smart homes,” we need to discuss security cameras. You may be thinking, how can security cameras help prevent fire damage? Modern security cameras are way more advanced than they used to be. In fact, most cameras are now able to detect any motion in your property. As the smoke begins to accumulate, your camera will be able to recognize that motion. After your cameras detect any movement, they will then send an alert to your phone. Once again, specific cameras come with the option to alert the proper authorities for you. 

A State-of-The-Art Sprinkler System  

Sprinkler systems are used at both commercial real estate and apartment complexes all over the country to prevent fire. However, a significant downside of using a sprinkler system is the water damage that often occurs. Indeed, a lot of old sprinkler systems had no way of turning themselves off once they were on. The good news for us is technology companies are stepping in to create a better sprinkler system. Detection sensors and software have entered a new generation. Now, a sprinkler system can detect fire faster, which will help prevent fire damage. Also, once the fire is out, the modern sprinkler system will shut itself off, avoiding water damage. 

Sometimes Fire Damage Is Unavoidable 

No matter how good the technology on your property is, sometimes a fire can get out of control. When you experience fire damage, you need a restoration company that can handle the job. Here at MD Water Restoration, we provide industry-leading restoration techniques to the Maryland area. Come to our website today and learn how our services can save you both time and money.

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