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Water Damage Restoration

If your home or business has suffered water damage or a flooding disaster, then the experts at MD Water Damage Restoration will gladly take over the cleaning and restoration work. If you live in the Gaithersburg or the surrounding areas, our licensed, bonded, and insured professionals will conduct emergency water extraction and damage restoration, 24/7. For water damage restoration in our service area, call (757) 434-6263. Our teams will work hard to get you back into your property quickly.

We are certified by the IICRC, a recognized authority in the restoration and remediation industry.

Basement Flood Restoration

If a hard squall blows in from the Atlantic, it may leave several inches of water in your basement and a lot of water damage besides. Also, the water line going through your basement can spring a leak, creating a big mess. When this happens, you need to get a professional restoration crew to your property as soon as you can.

Delaying a water damage clean-up is never the best way to go because of potential secondary hazards. Call MD Water Damage Restoration, and we will respond within 30-60 minutes, ready to assess the situation and get to work. Since 2001, our teams have answered calls for flooded basements and delivered quality extraction and restoration service to our residential and commercial customers in the Gaithersburg service area.

Any kind of flood emergency in your basement can damage the structural materials of your residence or business; it can also ruin furnishings and other possessions. Restoring the damage to furniture, electronics and appliances can be expensive. Some things can be damaged beyond repair if the property owner waits too long in getting the water removed.

Reasons to Call Us to Take Care of Flooding and Water Damage

A flooding event can cause some of the worst type of damage on your home or business. You need to act quickly in removing the excess water and drying the affected areas to avoid the onset of other problems, some of which can be hazardous to the health of your family or other occupants. The stakes are too high, so don’t try to do it yourself.

Mold – The danger of mold or other biohazards is ever-present after your home or business has taken water damage. Even if the damage is restored but not treated properly, black mold spores can still take root and grow. It can lay hidden inside walls or up in an attic for a long time before someone discovers it. All any type of fungal infestation needs is oxygen, moisture, and an organic surface to grow on. Some mold infestations can cause serious health issues; it can even be fatal with prolonged exposure. Black mold, one of the more commonly known emits toxins that lead to severe symptoms when inhaled – respiratory problems, inflammation of the skin, nausea, and more. More serious conditions include hemorrhage, mental impairment, and memory issues.

Biohazards and contaminants – If water has run over yards, streets, and parking areas, it picks up dangerous biohazards and contaminants which will create an unhealthful environment when they get into your home. Water from outside will have oil and fuels from cars and trucks, lawn fertilizers, and animal waste. Professionals always treat this type of water as a health hazard and use special equipment to extract it then sanitize your basement and other flooded areas.

Bacteria – Broken sewage or drain pipes can flood a basement or other parts of your home or business. This kind of problem begins with contaminated water. Even pure water left standing for a couple of days becomes stagnated, filled with all kinds of micro-organisms that can cause some serious health issues. It must be removed from the premises and the affected area cleaned and sanitized thoroughly.

Carpets and carpet padding – Carpeting, rugs, and carpet padding deteriorate quickly when they contact water. If the extraction is completed quickly and the water is not already contaminated, a team from MD Water Damage Restoration can properly dry the material then safely sanitize, disinfect, and return it to normal use.

Loss of personal property –Water seeps into furniture, boxes, drapes, and other materials the longer it is allowed to stand. Prompt water extraction cannot be stressed enough because it can reduce your losses dramatically.

Damage to your building’s structural components – Water seeps deeper into the structural components of your home or business – wood, drywall, insulation – if it’s not removed quickly. The safety of your property can be compromised. A water-damage professional can ensure all standing water and dampness is removed properly, and your property restored to its safe environment.

Other building materials – Water will work its way into even miniscule cracks and holes in harder materials like concrete, hardwood, and brick. This can weaken and make them more vulnerable to damage. A professional must use a specialized drying techniques to treat these materials and prevent infestations.

If you live or do business in Gaithersburg or surrounding areas, call MD Water Restoration and we’ll be there in just 30-60 minutes! You can be sure all contaminants and biohazards will be completely removed from the affected areas. When you call us, you are getting highly trained experts who bring professional-grade equipment to get the job done right. Call us 24/7 if you have any questions or concerns – (757) 434-6263.  Get professional aid for the truly best quality outcome in Gaithersburg.

Water damage restoration services provided by MD Water Damage Restoration:

  • Full damage assessment –We assess the water and all affected areas. If water is still seeping into the premises, we track it to the point of entry and staunch the flow.
  • Identification of flood water type – Our team will classify the water according to its source and its potential contaminants.   MD Water Restoration teams are trained to identify and work with any type of water.
  • Classify the water damage – We thoroughly inspect the affected area. Materials like drywall and insulation that have been water-damaged may need to be taken out and disposed. Other surfaces that require special treatment, such as concrete, brick, hardwood, etc., will be dried and treated for possible infestations.
  •  Water removal – Truck-mounted pumps will remove pools of water. We work quickly to minimize the damage to your property. We also find hidden areas of moisture and dampness with our cutting edge equipment.
  • Restoration of property and contents – Salvageable building materials and contents are cleaned. Then the damaged areas are cleaned with powerful EPA-approved antimicrobials to prevent the onset of infestations. To eliminate the risk of biohazards and allergens, we use HVAC cleaning.
  • Dry out property and structure – Industrial-strength fans and dehumidifier are used to dry all excess moisture from the flooded areas.
  • Restoration and renovation of contents – We renovate areas that suffered water damage, replacing drywall or insulation with fresh material. Salvageable content will be restored to its original use. The main goal is to restore the affected area its former pre-damage quality.
  • Insurance claims support – We help you with the insurance claim, providing documentation of our procedures, and photos of the water-damaged areas before and after our procedures

MD Water Damage Restoration classifies water damage according to its source and contaminants. We have successfully extracted a variety of water types and restored their damages.

  • Water leftover from putting out a fire – After the fire is put out, the restoration begins. The part of your structure that was not consumed by the blaze will have a lot of water damage. Our equipment and techniques will clear out any standing water quickly.  Then the water-damaged areas can be cleaned and restored.
  • Hurricane and storm damage – If city drainage can’t channel all the rain water after a storm, it could flow into your residence or place of business.  Fortunately, we have professional-grade equipment and restoration techniques to take care of the problem.
  • Sewer line backup – Anyone can plunge an inside toilet. But a major break or blockage in your sewage line is another matter. Don’t attempt to clean up the mess yourself. Our cleaning equipment and procedures will guarantee safe removal, and thorough decontamination of your property with no lingering odor.
  • Faulty appliances – If a washing machines or dishwashers springs a leak, it can leave you with a problem in your basement or another part of your house. Our teams will pump out any excess water then clean and dry the affected area, and restore any damage.
  • Leaking pipes – Old worn out pipes in your basement can lead to severe water damage — or biohazard infestations — if it’s not thoroughly dried and cleaned. Our restoration teams check walls, floors, and other hidden areas for damage and moisture.
  • Burst or frozen pipes – Unprotected pipes are vulnerable to freezing temperatures outside. If it breaks, then you will have a mess in your home or place of business. Call us and we will pump the water out then dry the affected area and restore the damage.

MD Water Damage Restoration has been serving people since 2001. We know the stress our customers may be under, and we stay focused on the need to get their lives back to a normal routine. We have experienced all types of water damage restoration in our service area, including flood damage, flooded basements, and a broad scope of other water-related issues. If you live in the Gaithersburg area, call (757) 434-6263, and our certified restoration teams will be there to serve you.

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