6 Things No One Thinks of During a Flood

Flood damage

Floods are more than just a minor inconvenience; they can destroy the things you hold dearest to your heart. Your home, furniture, and precious family memorabilia are all at risk during a flood. There is no time to think about all of these things in the face of a disaster. Thinking ahead is the best way to combat flood damage. So, here are six things no one thinks about during a flood.

Flood Damage

The damage a flood can do is devastating. Thinking about this destruction may seem obvious, but there are further consequences that elude common knowledge. During a disaster, depending on severity, your house contains several safety hazards. Have a plan for where you can keep your family safe during a flood and keep in mind all of the factors of water damage. Overflowing water, if high enough, can weaken the integrity of the structure of your home. Any water reaching outlets could be live, making for a fatal risk. Switch your home electricity off, along with the gas, and the water main to make your home safer during a flood.

Flood Damage Outdoors

Flood damage is not limited to inside your house. Free-floating outdoor furniture or yard art can wreak havoc on the neighborhood. Tie-down or bring inside all of your outdoor belongings.

Drinking Water

Drinking flood water or unintentionally consuming it is extremely hazardous. Sharp or unsanitary debris is awash, and even raw sewage can be in the mix. For safe drinking water, stick with bottled water or purified tap water.

Criminal Activity

In the presence of disaster, many different emotions and reactions can be provoked. Criminals will see a disaster as prime time to act because emergency support is busy. Protect your family, prepare, and be ready for anything.

Stay Away from the Water

The water from a flood is full of fast-moving, dangerous debris. Shards of glass, nails, heavy metals, and tree parts all rapidly flow through the waters of a surge. Stay safe and out of the water.

Friends and Family

Once you and everybody with you are safe, start reaching out to your friends and family. Get in touch with everyone to let them know you are okay and ask how they are. Try to keep up with them and notify officials if you think they are in trouble.

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