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Basement Flood Restoration – Baltimore & Other Areas

Flooding in the basement of your home or business can cause some of the worst damage imaginable. When flooding occurs in your basement, you need to act quickly. Call the experts at MD Water Damage Restoration right away for all flood damage repair. We’ll pick up your emergency call within seconds and be onsite in 30-60 minutes. The MD Water Damage Restoration team has been providing superior basement flooding and restoration services to homes and businesses in the Baltimore & entire state of Maryland since 2001.

A flooded basement damages not only the physical basement area, including potentially the structure of your home, it can also damage or destroy all the furnishings and belongings kept in your basement. The damage to furniture, electronics, appliances, and personal items can be costly and, in some cases, irreparable.

Our Basement Flooding Experts in Maryland

Water from basement flooding can also seep behind walls and under flooring, and affect areas of your home or business that are not readily visible, such as the foundation. If not fully dried and treated, residual dampness and moisture can lead to an infestation of mold that can seriously affect the health of those who occupy the property.

MD Water Damage Restoration is licensed, bonded, and insured, and we specialize in the flood damage restoration in Baltimore area of your home or business in the aftermath of any type of basement flooding.

We will handle your basement flood emergency as quickly, safely, and efficiently as possible. Our commitment to you includes a prompt response time; fast, efficient water extraction; thorough dry-out, cleaning, and sanitizing; and restoration of your basement to its pre-flood condition.

Top Features of Our Flood Restoration Team

All MD Water Damage Restoration technicians are IICRC-certified, having obtained professional credentials directly from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification organization. We hire, train, and retain the best, most qualified basement flood cleanup professionals in the business. You can trust that our technicians are dependable and highly skilled, and have all passed a thorough screening process.

The MD Water Damage Restoration’s crew follows a precise 6-step process when handling any basement flooding problem:

  • Assess the damage to determine the extent of flood damage in your basement. We shut down the electric power if necessary, then locate the source of water entry into your basement and, take steps to stop the entry of any more water.
  • Identify the water type so as to properly treat your basement flooding situation. We categorize the water according to IICRC standards based on the water source and potential levels of contaminants and hazards.
  • Classify the flood based on an assessment of the entire area of your basement that has been flooded, in particular looking at the amount of water and the levels of dampness and moisture. This inspection includes a look at the carpet and carpet pad, the walls and wall insulation, and any surfaces such as concrete or hardwood that require a specialty type of drying.
  • Remove basement water using high-powered, professional-grade water-extraction equipment that is both portable and truck-mounted, and also submersible pumps when necessary. Specialized equipment locates areas of potential threats from mold so we can implement an appropriate plan to prevent an infestation.
  • Dry the basement using moisture-detection equipment, heavy-duty air movers, and drying panels. We first salvage whatever items we can, then clean, sanitize, and deodorize all water-damaged areas and furnishings. To eliminate airborne contaminants which increase the threat of mold, we also perform HVAC cleaning and HEPA vacuuming.
  • Renovate post-cleanup to correct structural damage, paint walls, whatever it takes to ensure your basement is restored to its original, pre-flood condition.

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The Baltimore area is not immune to flooding due to excessive rainfall from storms and hurricanes. In fact, in recent years, flash floods caused severe flood damage to thousands of homes in the Baltimore area. Flooding in your basement can range from a small amount of moisture to accumulations inches and feet deep. No amount of water in your basement is too little to call for immediate professional help. We want to give you peace of mind and help you get your basement—and your life—back to its pre-flood condition.

If your home or business is in the Baltimore or anywhere in Maryland, and there’s water or dampness in the basement, contact the MD Water Damage Restoration team immediately, and we will be on-site in 30-60 minutes to get to work. Our experts will identify the source of basement flooding, extract the water, and dry and treat the area as part of our full water cleanup & restoration plan to return your property to its original condition.   

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