Fire Damage: Your Insurance Policy

fire damage

It is no secret that having homeowner and property insurance is excellent. Indeed, it feels good knowing that your property will be protected in case of a traumatic event like a fire. However, insurance companies can be tricky, and you need to come prepared if you want them to cover everything. In this article, we will go over how to get the most out of your insurance company if you experience fire damage.

Pictures Are Worth a Thousand Words  

No matter what type of homeowner insurance you have, they are not going to pay for things without proof of fire damage. The best way to demonstrate the current state of your property is through the use of photos. Photos can provide evidence to your insurance company by visualizing the damage. You need to do two things to provide the best source of evidence. First, take photos of all your valuables when you purchase them. Second, take a picture of the same valuables after you experience fire damage. These two photos will show you owned the valuable before the fire, and it was damaged during the fire.

Document Everything  

While photos are fantastic to help your insurance claim, documents can add a nice touch. We already talked about the two-photo method. Alongside the photos, also submit a receipt or invoice that proves the price of the valuable. This two-phase approach will ensure that your claim moves quickly, and it will end in your favor. Also, you must keep all these documents in a safe place. To keep your documents safe, you can either use a safe or scan them into your computer.

The Sooner You Call, the Better 

In a perfect world, you would be the only client your insurance provider has to worry about. Unfortunately, that ideal world is never going to happen. Insurance companies have thousands of customers to deal with daily. With that being said, it can be days or even weeks before you can settle an insurance claim. With all this in mind, you must call your insurance company as soon as possible.

Also, the sooner your insurance claim gets approved, the sooner you can begin the restoration process. The benefit of starting the restoration process as quickly as possible is that it reduces the risk of fire damage destroying valuable property.

Work with the Right Restoration Company 

An important thing to remember is insurance companies will not work with all restoration companies. Indeed, an insurance company will only do business with a restoration company they know will do the job right. It is for this reason you need to select only the very best in the fire damage restoration business. Here at MD Water Restoration, we offer industry-leading fire damage restoration services. We are proud to say we accept most major insurance companies. Come to our website today and learn how we provide the best fire damage restoration in the state of Maryland.

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