How to Easily Restore Your Home after Smoke Damages

Smoke can be caused as a result of a fire, when there is complete combustion, resulting in serious damages to your home or property. Smoke contains harmful substances that can make it hard to restore its damages, however, with the tips below, you can do so with ease.

Charring damages by smoke:

In the case of a fire, you can often see spots and marks on your home’s walls. This is due to the smoke, mainly because of soot, which is a marking that is left behind. Charring, on the other hand, happens due to burning.

Covering the soot and charring damages:

Soot and charred walls and furniture can be restored but the first thing to do is to try and make a proper list of all damages so you know exactly what you’re dealing with. Secondly, you will probably need to see how bad the damage is; if it’s still repairable, you can try (carefully – wear gloves and goggles) applying Trisodium Phosphate to clean the area. If this doesn’t work, you can try repainting the walls with appropriate paint to hide the damaged areas.

Blister damages by smoke:

Because of the high temperatures that come about as a result of smoke, the paint on your walls may start to blister or form bubbles. These need to be repaired as they may be unsightly. The first thing you need to do is to scrap the area with a knife gently, doing so until the blistering area is flattened. Next, you will need to cover the area, and then make sure it is smooth. Once you are sure the area is smooth, you should repaint the area that formed the bubbles.

Creation of odor as a result of smoke:

One side-effect of a smoke is that it leaves behind a bad smell. This smell can be difficult to deal with, but can also be unhygienic and in some cases, even unhealthy. However, the smells can be removed using various techniques. The most obvious of these is to leave a window or door open, so all the smoke smells can diffuse out and the home can go back to the way it was.

Fixing smoke smells:

Baking Soda is one such method, as it absorbs the smell and lessens it – you can use this by placing it in a bowl or sprinkling it around the area. Vinegar can also be used as liquids – all you need to do is to wipe the substance onto the home’s walls and floors. In addition to this, substances like activated charcoal, which absorbs the smoke’s odor, and in some cases, Ozone generators can also be used. The latter can be more expensive than usual but they are very effective in most cases.

Although this is not a natural product, smell reducing substances can also be used that help reduce the intensity of the smells. However, if the smell is present in the carpet or furniture, then they must be replaced.

A lot of this work can be done by most people, however, if you want effective work that completely removes any smells, discoloration, or blisters and bubbles, you should contact a restoration company to do the work professionally and efficiently.

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