DIY Water Damage Fixes – Do it the Right Way (Part 1)

We are of the firm belief that you don’t necessary need to go through water damage to know how to deal with it. Knowledge is power and if you know what you need to do before disaster strikes or even when you are looking disaster in the face, it always helps to know what you can do to help the situation.

In this two part blog post, we will cover necessary steps to take in any water damage situation.

Water damage is never an easy situation to deal with. You could be looking at potential health risks and damage to your property. If you are facing flooding or extensive damage, then it goes without saying that instead of attempting any kind of DIY strategy, you are better off with seeking professional help. Having said that, not all water damages are extensive in nature. This is especially true if the damage is very limited and the source is easy to identify and deal with. However, regardless of whether the problem on hand is small or out of control, here are a few basic steps to follow in any water damage situation.

Protection Comes First – ALWAYS!

Regardless of how serious your water damage situation is, don’t discount the importance of using protective gear such as boots, mask (if water damage is from fire or flooding) and gloves. Regardless of whether the water is from sanitary sources or from flooding or fire damage, when stepping into water, always make sure you are safe.

Cut Off the Water Supply

When unsure of what is causing the leakage, it is best to simply turn off the water supply from the main valve. If you cannot turn off the water, then seek help from your water company. This is one of the first things that you will need to address as a way of limiting further damage to life and property.

 Assess the Damage

Documenting is crucial to use as proof when dealing with your insurance company. It is common knowledge that, making payments to insurance companies is easy, but getting them to pay out damage cover is never easy! So arm yourself with as much proof as possible. If the damage is extensive, then it might be a good idea to actually seek property assessment from a damage restoration company before calling your insurance guys. Reason being, the restoration company can give you an estimate on the kind of damage you are looking at and they can help you document the damage clearly.

Call your Insurance Company

Even if you are not seeking the services of a professional restoration company, you need a damage assessment. And your insurance company will definitely do it for you. If however, you already have done a professional assessment via a restoration company, then filing for a claim and managing the necessary paper work becomes easier and you also can get a head start on the entire insurance claims process.


To Be Continued Next Week…

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