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Common Causes of Basement Floods

Basement floods cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage in the US every year. Repeated basement floods could compromise the foundation of a house. Even the mildest flood promotes the rampant growth of mold and mildew. These five common

MD Commercial Water Extraction: What to Look For

Finding the right MD commercial water extraction experts, adds stress to an already stressful situation. While your business is underwater, you’re thumbing through the phone book. Take a deep breath before diving in. You don’t want to hire just anyone

How to Tell If Your Leak Is Safe to Clean Yourself

Even a small leak can be dangerous to clean yourself if its contaminated. Raw sewage, dangerous chemicals, and bacteria laden water should never be cleaned yourself. Before you tackle DIY leak repair around your building, take a few minutes to

Five Factors That Increase Your Risk of Water Damage

Water damage rarely strikes out of nowhere. While you can’t control a massive flood, you can control how prepared you are, and therefore, how much damage that flood can do to you. There are five main factors that increase your

Flood vs. Leak: Which is More Hazardous?

As a homeowner, the difference between a flood and a leak might seem secondary, when compared to the attributes they share. Most notable, both cause a lot of damage to your home and belongings. Additionally, they both require the services of a restoration

Ways to Decrease Your Risk of Frozen Pipes in Five Minutes or Less

You can prevent burst pipes by taking a few practical steps around your home. A burst pipe poses a high risk of damage to your house. You don’t have to live in blizzard territory to experience this expensive disaster, either.

The Complications of Fire and Water Damage Repair

Fire and water damage go hand in hand. Fire damage complicates water damage repair in three key ways. First, water damage must take second place to the structural concerns of fire damage. Secondly, cleaning up ash and flame retardant chemicals

The Do’s and Don’ts of a Water Damage Emergency

Quick response can turn a water damage emergency into a controlled repair. Homeowners have to make decisions in the moment that will determine how smoothly their emergency water damage repair goes. Read these tips so that when there’s a leak

Five Reasons to Call a Restoration Team after Minor Water Damage

Calling a restoration team over minor leaks seems like overkill to the average homeowner. Why incur the inconvenience and expense of hiring a restoration team for something you’ve handled with a mop and bucket? Minor water damage seems easy to

Three Ways a Restoration Team Aids Your Insurance Claim

If it weren’t for homeowner’s insurance, many homes wouldn’t be repaired after a leak or a flood. Few people have the money to pay for water damage restoration out of pocket. The kind of repairs you get depend on what

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