4 Flood Tips That Might Save Your Life

Flooding can be deadly if you aren’t prepared for it in advance. Even flash floods that occur at a moment’s notice can be weathered if you know how to prepare. Here are four tips to help you and your loved

5 Creepy Things You Might Find In Your Basement During October

Are you brave enough to visit a dark basement on Halloween? How about a dark basement at any other time of year? Basements get a bad rap for being scary, creepy places. Some would say that’s unwarranted, and some would

3 Tips To Prevent Your Drain From Clogging

Drain damage can happen at any time. One way to prevent your drain from clogging and keep it intact is to ensure that it free of debris. These tips can help you keep your drain clog-free and functional.  Get a

What Kind Of Damage Can Tree Roots Cause?

Having tree roots invade your plumbing system can be a disaster. Pipes are beacons of water and oxygen, two of the three things that plants crave. So it’s understandable that root systems will migrate towards those pipes. That being said,

What to Do When a Sewage Backup Occurs

A sewage backup can happen at any time, but how to handle the situation effectively isn’t really common knowledge in many cases.  If you ever have the misfortune of a sewage backup at your home or business, there are a

4 Reasons Basement Water Damage is Serious

Some people who notice their basement has started to flood will tend to shrug it off and say, “I’ll get that cleaned up later.” This attitude is actually a lot more dangerous than you may realize. The longer you leave

How Faulty Appliances Cause Water Damage

When witnessing a flood happen inside of your home, most people assume the cause is from rain or a storm. However, that’s not always the reason. Faulty appliances that are improperly maintained or poorly taken care of can lead to

How Does Flood Damage Happen?

Though stormy days and nights may be enjoyable for those of us who like resting at home, listening to raindrops, flood damage can occur making this experience far less enjoyable. This damage is unfortunate to experience and can take place when

Emergency Services and When to Use Them

If an emergency situation occurs in your home or even in an area near you, it’s important to identify whether or not this needs to be reported to a primary emergency service. If something takes place such as a crime

4 Warning Signs of Sewage Damage

More often than not, there are telltale signs that there is damage to your sewer line. When you are attentive to what is happening in your home, you can prevent extreme sewage damage before it becomes worse. Read on to

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