4 Reasons Basement Water Damage is Serious

Some people who notice their basement has started to flood will tend to shrug it off and say, “I’ll get that cleaned up later.” This attitude is actually a lot more dangerous than you may realize. The longer you leave

How Faulty Appliances Cause Water Damage

When witnessing a flood happen inside of your home, most people assume the cause is from rain or a storm. However, that’s not always the reason. Faulty appliances that are improperly maintained or poorly taken care of can lead to

How Does Flood Damage Happen?

Though stormy days and nights may be enjoyable for those of us who like resting at home, listening to raindrops, flood damage can occur making this experience far less enjoyable. This damage is unfortunate to experience and can take place when

Emergency Services and When to Use Them

If an emergency situation occurs in your home or even in an area near you, it’s important to identify whether or not this needs to be reported to a primary emergency service. If something takes place such as a crime

4 Warning Signs of Sewage Damage

More often than not, there are telltale signs that there is damage to your sewer line. When you are attentive to what is happening in your home, you can prevent extreme sewage damage before it becomes worse. Read on to

What To Do After A Storm

Damage following a storm is pretty typical of Maryland weather, especially when you live in towns close to the water, like Annapolis or Ocean City. Storms are out of our control, but what is in our control is what we

Shut Off Your Water While on Vacation

Leaving for vacation is a great feeling for most people. However, returning home can sometimes mean post-vacation blues. Don’t start off your return home with finding a disaster. If you shut off your water while on vacation, you’ll save yourself

Pipe Damage: The Risks To Your Pipes In A Storm

Weather is an unpredictable fact of life, but pipe maintenance on a regular basis can prevent a costly repair caused by a storm. Planning ahead can mean the difference between a quick fix and a devastating case of pipe damage.

How To Maintain Your Pipes

Part of maintaining your house is making sure your pipes are in good shape. Pipe restoration can get expensive if it leads to water damage or cracked pipes. It’s not too difficult to maintain your pipes before things get too

What to Do If There’s a Fire in Your Home

House fires are scary things. It’s not uncommon for families to freeze in shock when a disaster strikes. But you need to deal with fire damage quickly if you want to save your home. That’s why MD Water Restoration wants

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