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Water Damage Restoration

Annapolis is a beautiful place to live, but residing so close to the ocean has its drawbacks, such as the occasional storm that passes overhead, dropping a deluge of water. Sometimes the excess ends up in someone’s basement, or the front offices of their place of business. Fortunately, the people at MD Water Damage Restoration can help. We are licensed, bonded, and insured professionals, equipped to handle the severe water-damages leftover from Mother Nature’s worst.

Having served the people of Maryland since 2001, our trained teams carry many combined years of experience into every project and conduct emergency water extraction and damage restoration in any residential or commercial structure. Our teams will get your property fixed up to its pre-flood condition and in a timely manner. If you live or do business in Annapolis or its surrounding areas, call us at (757) 434-6263. We are available 24/7 and guarantee to respond within 30-60 minutes.

Basement Flood Restoration

Living and doing business so close to the Atlantic can almost guarantee an occasional water-damage incident from rain and flooding. But, water issues can have a variety of causes unrelated to natural disasters. For example, an old pipe running through the basement breaks and spews a few inches of water onto the floor before you can get the water shut off. When this happens, you can’t afford to delay because that just worsens the water damage the longer you wait and threatens to bring on secondary biohazards. It is best to call a crew of extraction specialists right away before the water ruins everything it touches.

When you call MD Water Damage Restoration, we will send one of our professional teams to your home or business, ready to inspect your premises and start their restoration process. We’ve had offices in Maryland since 2001, cleaning out flooded basements and giving our residential and commercial customers top-quality water damage restoration services. A water emergency can ruin more than structural materials like drywall and wood; it can also have deleterious effects on the content of a flooded area. Moisture contacting appliances and other possessions for an extended period can lead to expensive restoration. If water stands too long, some items can be damaged beyond repair.

Reasons to Call Us After Being Flooded

A flooding event can inflict heavy water damage to your home or business. The excess water must be pumped out as soon as possible and the affected area thoroughly dried and treated to reduce the risk of secondary hazards that could put your property and its occupants at risk. This should not be treated as a DIY project.

Mold – Biohazards, like black mold, can be a result of water damage if the right precautions are not taken. Where there is excess moisture, oxygen and an organic surface of some kind, you have an environment where mold or other fungal infestation can take root and flourish. Even when water damaged areas are restored, if they are not properly sanitized, the infestation can still settle in inside a wall and remain undetected for a long time. Black mold, one of the more commonly known infestations, can cause severe health issues and even fatalities with prolonged exposure. It produces airborne toxins that lead to respiratory problems, inflammation of the skin, nausea, and more. Other symptoms include hemorrhage, mental impairment, and memory issues.

Bacteria – Even a pool of “clean” water becomes infested with millions of micro-organisms if it stands too long, this becomes a critical health hazard. On the other hand, if a broken sewage line floods your basement or other parts of your home or business, you begin this kind of emergency with water already contaminated by bacteria. Whatever the source, standing water must be removed promptly and the affected area thoroughly sanitized.

Biohazards and contaminants – When water runs through yards, over streets, and across parking areas, it will pick up dangerous contaminants along the way, such as oil and fuels from cars and trucks, lawn fertilizers, and animal waste. If this pours into your home or business, you have a major health hazard and are in need a professional crew to remediate the problem quickly. We can provide that crew.

Damage to your building’s structural material – The longer water stands, the deeper it is absorbed into structural materials and surrounding content of the flooded area. Moisture tends to creep under any floor covering like tile or carpet and into the main floor material underneath. Calling for water-damage specialists as soon as possible will ensure that the standing water will be removed properly, which will help preserve the integrity of your building structure and its contents.

Other building materials – Even the denser components in your structure like concrete, brick, or hardwood will be weakened by pools of standing water over a period of time as moisture will work its way into even very tiny cracks and holes. A restoration professional must use special drying techniques to protect these types of materials from biohazards and erosion.

Loss of personal property – The need for promptness cannot be overemphasized with water-related emergencies. Bringing in a professional extraction/restoration service like MD Water Damage Restoration as soon as a flooding event begins is key to dramatically reducing your losses and restoration expense.

Carpets and carpet padding – Carpeting, rugs, and carpet padding ruin quickly when contacted by moisture. If it is not exposed too long, and if the water is not already contaminated, a professional might be able to salvage the material.

Water damage restoration services provided by MD Water Damage Restoration:

If you have any questions or concerns call (757) 434-62635. We are available 24/7. Although every job requires an individualized restoration plan, our teams will start with a general set of procedures for each water damage project.

  • Full damage assessment – If water is still coming into the premises, we will find the point of entry and fix it. Then our team will assess the water and all affected areas.
  • Identification of flood water type – MD Water Restoration experts are IICRC-licensed and know how to identify any water type and safely extract it. Water is categorized by its source and the contaminants it contains.
  • Water removal –  Excess water will be removed with our truck-mounted pumps early in the process to minimize damage to your property and contents. We also check for hidden areas of moisture with professional grade equipment then dry them out.
  • Classify the water damage – The water damage will then be assessed, including surfaces that require special treatment, such as concrete. Contents must be removed and checked to see what is salvageable.
  • Dry property and structure – To prevent the onset of molds, powerful fans, electric panels, and dehumidifier will be used to eliminate all excess moisture.
  • Restoration of property and contents – After cleaning salvageable content, the items that can’t be restored will be taken away for disposal. Powerful detergents and antimicrobials are used to treat flooded areas against infestations.
  • Restoration and renovation of contents –Our team will restore water-damaged areas; then, salvageable furnishings and other content will be cleaned and restored to their original use
  • Insurance claims support – We will work with your insurance provider to process your claim as quickly as possible for your best recompense. All documentation and photos showing the restoration process from beginning to end will be provided to your insurance company.

Sources of flooding damage

Our goal is to restore your property to its pre-damage condition. At MD Water Damage Restoration, we have handled water disaster projects of all kinds which sprang from a variety of sources.

  • Faulty appliances – When a washing machine malfunctions and loses water, it creates a problem in your home. We will clean up the mess then completely dry the affected area and restore any damage.
  • Burst or frozen pipes – Freezing temperatures can cause an unprotected pipe to break, creating a mess in your home or business. Call us and we will take care of the problem.
  • Leaking pipes – Old pipes wear out and break, causing a lot of damage in your home or business. The flooded area must be thoroughly cleaned and dried. Then we check walls, floors, and other areas for possible biohazards.
  • Sewer line backup – A broken sewage line requires specialized handling by trained professionals because of the contaminated water. Don’t try to do it yourself. We have safety equipment that will ensure removal; also, your property will be completely sanitized with no lingering odor.
  • Hurricane and storm damage – Rainfall from a violent storm can seep into your basement and create a big problem.  Our professional-grade equipment can remove the water, and our professional techniques will restore the damages.
  • Water leftover from putting out a fire – After water puts out a fire, whatever survives the blaze will have heavy water damage. We will use our modern equipment to clear out any standing water. Then the water-damaged areas will be cleaned, and restored.

We have served Maryland customers since 2001. If you live in the Annapolis area, call MD Water Damage Restoration 24/7. One of our licensed and trained restoration teams will arrive at your property within 30-60 minutes. We’ve experienced all types of water damage in our service area, including flood damage, flooded basements, and a number of other water-related disasters. We will take care of your water damage, so your family or employees can get back to a normal life.

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