3 Reasons Why Your Water Pressure May Be Low

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Water pressure can vary for many reasons. Some can be benign. However, other plumbing issues can cause major problems in your home or office. If you think your water pressure is lower than normal it’s worthwhile to check right away and call an expert if you need assistance.

These situations aren’t the only reasons your water pressure might be low. Yet, they’re a great place to start. If you’re suspecting these reasons or others, don’t hesitate to call the team at MD Water Damage Restoration. With 24/7 support, there is a group of professionals waiting to help you work through any plumbing issues.

Clogged Pipes

Your pipes might be suffering from a clog. This causes your water pressure to decrease significantly over time. Therefore, the easiest way to tell if you have a clogged duct is to hire a licensed plumber to inspect your system.

A clog can occur from large items in your lines, a problem with the city’s sewage system, and more. While it’s possible to test for clogs yourself, the best bet is to call a professional to help with your plumbing issues.

Additionally, to help keep clear of clogs, remind everyone in your home or business not to flush large items down the toilets or down the sinks. These items can include feminine hygiene products, disposable diapers, goldfish, and other non-flushable items.

Shut-off Valve Open

Sometimes your main shut-off valve might be closed or partially closed. This can occur for several reasons. If you want to check this item off your list, locate the main shut-off valve to your home and make sure it’s totally open. Checking this valve is as easy as remembering the old saying “righty tighty, lefty loosey.” Loosen the shut-off valve if it is too tight.

If you’re nervous about trying to turn the valve or you’re not sure, call a plumber. There is no shame in having a professional help you understand where valves and other things are in your home.

Old Pipes

You might have low pressure if your home has an older plumbing system. In addition, corrosion and other plumbing issues arise when your pipes are old. Copper or plastic pipes will stand up against corrosion better than older materials like galvanized steel pipes.

If your plumbing system needs to be replaced, you’ll need a team of professionals to help. There are several steps to replacing old pipes and digging in certain places requires permits that a plumbing company will know how to get.

If you’re in need of plumbing assistance, there are trained professionals at MD Water Damage Restoration who would be glad to help. The team at MD Water Restoration is proud of our 30-60 minute response time. We are a veteran-run, local organization. We want to help you and your family with any restoration needs you may have. Call (877) 355-0257 or contact us today to get the help that you need.


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